‘Cycling is the best way to kickstart my day’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

While it’s been more than three weeks since Rakul Preet Singh recovered from COVID-19, she is yet to over come post-COVID effects like tire dness and lethargy. However, the actress, who is a fitness freak, has found a way to beat the blues by hitting the road on her bicycle. Recently, a video of Rakul cycling to her film’s shoot in Hyderabad surfaced on social media. Talking about it, she says, “It was an amazing experience. I felt so refreshed the first day I did it. The weather was pleasant and the city has beautiful roads. It’s invigorating to begin your day like that.”
She adds, “I feel cycling is the best way to kickstart my day, it also takes care of my cardio workout. I wasn’t able to push myself in the gym post recovery and wasn’t too happy about it. That is why I started cycling.” The actress has been inspired by other Bollywood celebrities, who have taken to cycling. Elaborating on it, she shares, “Many in Bollywood have started cycling.
The thought came from there. However, most importantly, I was feeling sore post-COVID and needed to do cardio. However, one can’t do strenuous workouts soon after recovery, as the body doesn’t allow it. Also, I didn’t have the time. I wake up at 4.30 am when I am shooting, how much earlier can I wake up? So, I decided to save time and cycle on my way to work. I chose cycling because it’s not tough or harsh on the body. I do it every alternate day.”