‘Contract’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Four popular actors are going to act together in the web series, for the first time: they are Chanchal Chowdhury, Arifin Shuvo, Iresh Zaker and Zakia Bari Momo. The series is called ‘Contract’, based on the popular Indian streaming platform ‘G-Five’.
In an email, G-Five reported that the story was taken from a famous novel written by popular Bangladeshi writer Mohammad Nazimuddin. It will tell the story of a cop, a serial killer and a don from the underworld.It will also see Iresh Zaker and Tariq Anam Khan. The series will be co-hosted by Tanim Nur and Krishnendu Chatterjee of Bangladesh and Perth Government.
In addition to the “Contract, three more new content are being created from G5. Where Bangladeshi artists, producers and artisans are.Producer Tanim Noor said about the web film, “Although it is difficult to find these four stars together, I am working with them for the first time because of the need for a story.”
In terms of construction, the work has been done in the form of a film. “The growing popularity of web platforms in the field of entertainment is encouraging us to work with new types of ideas and content,” he said. I hope the new type of work created with fun and enjoyable aspects of love and life philosophy will be popular among the viewers.


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