Aupee Karim to return as TV host | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

One of industry’s favorite actresses is Aupee Karim. She has also been praised as a TV host and model. Her name will always pop out for her famous role on the stage as Nandini of ‘Roktokorobi’.Aupee Karim is currently busy as an architect. Currently, she is irregular in the acting field due to that.
However, she has recently returned as a TV host. The country’s first home renovation reality show ‘Berger Happy Home’ is going to be aired on Channel I. This is where the audience will get to see presenter Aupee. Architect Asif M Ahsanul Haque will also be with her.
Through the TV show ‘Berger Happy Home’, Berger has taken steps to redesign the interior of the selected house. In this show, experts will talk about general home management issues such as proper use of space, furniture management, wall color compatible with matching home decor items, ventilation system, lighting and many more relevant issues that will improve the homeowners’ home improvement.  It will air on Channel I every Friday at 9:35 p.m.


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