Japanese actress is acting natok ‘Bhairabi’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

A Japanese actress is acting in a Bengali drama called ‘Bhairabi’ which is set to air on the upcoming occasion of Durga puja. The actress, Mae Batanabi is sharing the space with ManojPramanik as co-star and it is being directed by GautamKairi.
Regarding the story of the play, Director GautamKairi said that Manoj’s character, Neel has returned from Japan after 5 years of higher studies. The home has taken a festive look but he didn’t come alone. Neel brought his university friend Aki with him (Mae Batanbi). Aki had a wish to visit Bangladesh during puja after hearing the stories from Neel. She enjoys the rituals and gradually discovers Bangladesh, relations, puja.
The journey of that girl is shown in the drama. The viewers will see the puja and the beautiful landscape of Bangladesh through her eyes.
“Mae is very intelligent and very humble to work with,” actor Manoj shared his experience with Mae.
Mae has been living in Bangladesh for ten years now working at an NGO. She can speak a little of Bengali and has acted in another Bengali drama before. She also used be a model in Japan.  But this is the first time viewers will see her in a central character. Among others, Sharmili Ahmed, Manash Bandyopadhyay and many others are also acting in the drama. It will air on NTV.


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