Arfan’s silver jubilee in acting | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Viewers wait joyfully to enjoy Arfan Ahmed’s acting on the screen. Directors are very much eager to cast him in their works. To come into present position, Arfan had to work hard and also had to keep patience in this regard. By this way he has become a busy actor of present time. Arfan is busy with drama serials now.
Arfan Ahmed is now acting in Rawnak Hasan’s ‘Bibaho Hobe’, Faridul Hasan’s ‘Foreign Village’, Zahid Hasan’s ‘Hoolsthool’ and ‘Pichhutan’, Sanjit Sarkar’s ‘Cheating Master’, Kaisar Ahmed’s ‘Chan Biriyani’, Abu Hayat and Russell’s ‘100 te Eksho’ and Akash Ranjan’s ‘Bou Shwashuri’. Therefore, he is also engaged with acting in single episode dramas.
He informed that yesterday he was engaged with shooting of Nagorik TV’s weekly drama directed by Aditya Joni. Basically he has no experience to work in theatre play.
In 1995, Arfan Ahmed first acted in Shamsuddoha Talukdar produced drama ‘Puroshkar’. After enlisted in BTV in 1997, he acted in Atiqul Haque Chowdhury’s drama ‘Dushor Prasad’. Later, he came into limelight acting in dramas ‘Pathor Kuchi’, ‘Abdul Malek-er Hasi’, ‘Akali’, ‘Shokani’, etc. From March 2003 to May 2007 he was in Australia due to his survival of life, according to the actor. After returning country, he again became engage with the co-operation from directors Aronno Anwar, Al Hazen, Mahfuz Ahmed and Sagor Jahan.
While talking about his acting career Arfan Ahmed said, “Now I am acting in lead roles in TV dramas. But my journey was not smooth. I am grateful to them who co-operated me to come into this position. I had no experience about acting in theatre play. But I had dreamt to work with popular and noted actors. My wants became fulfilled. It is a great achievement in my career. I am very much happy with my acting life.”


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