Amber Heard opens up on a difficult year | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Amber Heard has opened up about her experiences this year, telling: “Nothing could have prepared me for 2020.” In a UK exclusive interview, the star explained how her new TV series, based on a Stephen King novel, forced her to ask questions about being faced with “unbelievable circumstances and incredible adversity, and everything being on the line”.
Heard, who plays one of the survivors of the outbreak, says despite the bizarre timing, nothing could have prepared her for the reality of 2020 – a year in which she has faced many challenges.
The 34-year-old actress became headline news this summer when she appeared as The Sun’s star witness in her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s high-profile libel case against the newspaper. In November, Judge Justice Nicol ruled that the tabloid’s report on allegations that Depp was violent towards Heard was “substantially true”.
At the moment, Heard cannot say too much about how relieved and vindicated she must feel, as Depp has applied to appeal the judgment, and is also suing her in the US over a separate Washington Post article written two years ago, reports   Sky News.
If the Virginia trial goes ahead (it’s currently scheduled for May 2021), both will face the media circus all over again. Heard tells: “Nothing could have prepared me for 2020, let’s face it. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that. I don’t think anything could have prepared me.”
In a year that has seen havoc on film and TV sets around the world, putting a stop to most production, The Stand is “timely”, she says, given that they managed to wrap just in the nick of time.
“We stopped filming at the end of March, luckily it was at the end of filming, but still I had to go do reshoots later when things started to open back up again, so it is ironic that we had to stop filming on our show about a global pandemic and a power struggle of good and evil, and a government and society that will shut down after a pandemic… right before one. It’s really interesting timing.”


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