Airin’s new TVC with Shajal | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular heroine of present timeis Airin. She normally remains busy with film work. This time the actress is the model of a new advertisement. Popular TV drama actor Shajal has become a model with Airin. This is the first time they have worked together. They can be seen as models of glasses and sunglasses of a new organization. The ad was created by Belal and Emu. The shooting of the advertisement was completed on November 4 at the Apanghar Shooting House in Uttara.
Airin says, “I have only performed on stage before with ShajalBhai. He is helping so much that I could not understand when and how the work ended. All in all, our journey begins with a good deed. Thanks to the duo director for gifting us a lovely job.’Airinalso said that the advertisement will be aired soon.
This week, Airinis starting work on a new movie ‘Black Light’ under the direction of ReazulRiju.  Shahed Sharif Khan and Alvi are his co-artists in it. Airinalso recently worked as a model in a hospital advertisement under the direction of Rajiv Rasool. It can be said that Airinis working regularly even in the current situation of coronavirus.


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