Bangladesh to play an essential role in IPS: US

Having a huge market, strong manufacturing base and strategic location, Bangladesh is an important country for US under Indo Pacific Strategy (IPS), said a top US State Department official.

“Because of its potentials and opportunities, Bangladesh is important for US,” State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Laura Stone said on Tuesday while addressing a joint virtual press briefing with Deputy Chief of Mission of US Embassy in Dhaka JoAnne Wagner.

Bangladesh has enormous areas where businesses can grow, Ms Stone added.

“We are very excited about working with Bangladesh under the auspices of IPS and also in terms of our bilateral relationship,” Ms Wagner said echoing Ms Stone that Bangladesh has incredible opportunities.  

Both the officials said that US will continue to partner with Bangladesh as the latter has an essential role to play in IPS.

Terming IPS a free, open and inclusive vision, they said that they are very positive on stronger partnership with Bangladesh to promote economic prosperity.

Responding to a question, the US officials ruled out any confusion over IPS that it is a direct counter to China’s The Belt and Road Initiative.

US’s relationship with Bangladesh is based on its own distinct foreign policy under the auspicious of IPS and bilateral relation.

They stressed on more investment, trade and cultural exchange in this regard.

Regarding Rohingya issue, they said the US is completely aware of finding a long term and sustainable solution towards dignified repatriation of Rohingyas.

They said the USA is working with its international partners to resolve the issue saying that the Rohingyas deserve opportunity to return.


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