The RSPCA’s best animal rescue photos of the year include a seal trapped in a treadmill


The RSPCA released its list of the year’s top animal rescues, to cheer people up in what it said has been a “challenging year.”

The RSPCA had to use Vaseline as a lubricant to free the fox.

When workers arrived at a gym equipment warehouse in Llanelli, Wales, they were surprised to find a gray seal pup, trapped between treadmills. The seal, which is thought to have reached the warehouse by traveling up a nearby river, was transported back to the water, and later taken to a wildlife center.

This angry-looking tawny owl needed help after getting stuck inside a fireplace.

Meanwhile, a young fox got more than he bargained for when he fancied a drink — the animal was discovered by RSPCA staff with a watering can on his head, which officers had to pull free using Vaseline as lubricant.



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