Southwestern Ontario man animated lyric music video for Cardi B’s latest hit


A Chatham-Kent animator is one of a handful of others who worked on the graphics in rapper Cardi B’s latest hit lyric music video WAP

Nolan Martin, 24, graduated from the interactive media program at London’s Fanshawe College campus just last year. 

When he first started out in animation, Martin said he worked on the graphics for music festivals including EDC Las Vegas and Coachella. 

But when the pandemic hit, Martin knew he had to transition away from music festivals and that was when a friend asked him if he wanted to animate Cardi B’s latest hit. 

“I was like, yes, definitely,” Martin said with a laugh. “I didn’t think much of it. I knew it would probably be a big song just because it’s Cardi B, but I didn’t know it’d be the number one or anything like that, so I’m definitely really happy with that.”

This is one of the graphics in the WAP music video that Nolan Martin contributed to. (Submitted by Nolan Martin)

The song, WAP, contains a number of sexual innuendos that Martin said challenged him to think outside the box. 

“You have to get creative. That’s why a lot of it is like silly and symbolic, really,” he said, adding that the animators divided up the entire song among themselves and created graphics that would match the lyrics. 

As of last week, the song has spent its fourth week topping the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, according to Billboard. 

“It does feel really cool. I guess because of where I’m from and where I live I wasn’t really sure … how I would network all the way with people in L.A. and just different countries,” he said, adding that connecting with others has really helped his career take off. 

Cardi B has topped the charts in recent weeks with her hit WAP featuring Megan Thee Stallion. (Amy Harris/Invision/The Associated Press)

And while others can appreciate the opportunity Martin has had so early on in his career by working for one of rap’s  biggest stars, Martin said his parents still don’t really understand the immensity of what he’s done. 

“To be honest my dad’s like who’s Cardi B?” he joked. “But my little sister understood, she was really happy for me.” 

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