Sherwood Park teen lands role in Paw Patrol movie


A Sherwood Park teen will be voicing a role in an animated film based on popular children’s franchise Paw Patrol.

Will Brisbin’s name is set appear alongside those of stars like Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian West in the upcoming Paw Patrol: The Movie.

But the 15-year-old actor had to jump through a few hoops to get there. After sending off a self-taped audition, Brisbin was shortlisted and went to Toronto for a weekend in February for an audition.

“Then three weeks later — it was really nerve-racking — but we found out,” Brisbin said in an interview for CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM.

He had to keep hush-hush about the big role until last Thursday when a cast list was posted online.

Brisbin still can’t say much about the film — including who he’s playing.

“As much as I’d like to, I can’t right now,” he said, adding that more information will be released by Paramount at a later date.

The pandemic forced Brisbin to stay in town while working on the film. Rather than going to Toronto, production rented out a studio in Edmonton for his half-dozen recording sessions. 

The young actor was not able to perform alongside other actors and had to use a little imagination in his delivery — but he had some virtual company.

“The director Cal [Brunker] was very helpful and supportive,” Brisbin said. “He just made the experience a really great time.”

The series is produced by Canadian toy and entertainment company Spin Master Corp. It features a boy named Ryder leading a group of talking rescue dogs. Paw Patrol has spawned a massive toy, merchandise and clothing line, as well as a live stage show.

While Brisbin is a bit old to watch the show, which is predominantly aimed at children, he’s caught a few episodes with his younger brother. 

He was finally able to tell the nine-year-old the big news on Thursday.

“He went berserk, he was so excited,” Brisbin said. “And then my sister was a little less excited — she was more excited at the opportunity to meet Kim Kardashian.”

But the pandemic has also meant Brisbin hasn’t been able to meet some of his A-list co-stars.

“If COVID shuts down, maybe I’ll get to meet them at media events,” he said. “Or hopefully, fingers crossed, a premiere — because that’d be super cool.”

The TVO and Nickelodeon preschooler show Paw Patrol features a pre-teen boy named Ryder leading a crew of rescue dogs. (Spin Master Entertainment)

Brisbin started acting when he was seven years old. Besides film work around Edmonton and Calgary, he’s been a part of productions at the Citadel Theatre, including A Christmas Carol, Evangeline and the Matilda Musical, as well as at Festival Place.

“I’ve worked so hard, and it’s just, it’s nice to finally almost get to pay off in a way.”

Paw Patrol: The Movie is scheduled for an August 2021 release.



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