Best Offline Android Games under 50MB

A mobile game can refresh the mood when you are taking a short break from work or stuck in a traffic jam for a while. But you may not always find a WiFi connection outside the home or workplace. And, your mobile data may fall short. Don’t worry! There are some entertaining mobile games that will neither require internet connection nor consume significant space of your mobile’s internal memory storage. In this article, we are going to discuss the best offline android games under 50MB. You can easily download these games from the Google Play store by navigating through the provided links. Stay with Us!

Best Offline Android Games under 50MB

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

Do you love cricket; but missing the game during the pandemic situation? Play the virtual game ‘T20 Cricket Champions 3D’ game to fulfill your wish! In this android game, you get the opportunity to play world cup cricket tournaments in your desired team. You would also experience thrilling meetups with the World’s most popular cricket teams. Applying your bowling or batting forte, you can contribute to your team in the journey of winning the World Cup.

Best Offline Android Games

The smart interface of this virtual cricket game allows you to pick matches and tournaments. It’s simple and user-friendly play controls would facilitate you in clever batting and successful bowling. The realistic 3D graphics, fascinating animations, and creative design of this game would give you the joy and flavor of T20 cricket without going to the field.

Click to Install T20 Cricket Champions 3D Game

Major Mayhem

Are you fond of thriller and action movies? Try the ‘Major Mayhem’ android game.  This virtual game can be described in three words, “Run and Gun.” In this 3D shooting game, your primary goal would be saving the world and rescuing your kidnapped girlfriend. To reach these goals, you have to fulfill about 150 numbers of mini-mission objectives.

Best Downloadable Android Games

This gaming interface has been designed with about 45 action-rounds, and four modes of gaming. In these battles, you have to destroy the enemy and evil forces using up to 20 types of weapons like miniguns, automatic shotguns, grenades, quadzooka, etc. What is more? The 42 types of costumes would make your journey thrilling and versatile.

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Racey Rocket

The Racey Rocket is the best offline android game for those who enjoy the speed. This 2D arcade game presents a rocket racing interface. Using the ultra-intuitive buttons, you can control the racing rocket during the battles while achieving the fastest speed. The Racey Rocket game has four modes such as Classic, Arcade, Circuit, and Endless.

Best Offline Mobile Games

Here the players are inspired to race with insane speed through unlocking the unique kind of Rockets and versatile trails. Its clever interface also allows you to slow down the time for hitting on the perfect lines. This game offers more than 100 tracks where players can boost, bounce, slide, and jump to move faster! Completing the daily tournaments, you can earn lucrative prizes!

Click Here to Download Racey Rocket

Smash It

Do you find pleasure in breaking glasses? If yes, download the android game titled ‘Smash It’ and break as many glasses as you want without damaging your house or wasting money. In this virtual game, you get a fantastic world made of breakable glass objects placed in surreal dimensions and harmonized with music. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Best Android Games Offline

You are free to smash out whatever comes on your path! The more focus, and concentration you give, the better timing you get to travel towards the futuristic dimension through breaking limitless glass-built objects on your path. Here the music-synchronized interface has been combined with a destruction physics-inspired gameplay. This game is designed with 11 types of graphic modes and 50 numbers of virtual rooms.

Download Smash It Clicking on the Following Link


People who are fond of adventures shouldn’t miss the exciting offline android game ‘Swordigo’. Here the mission is to avenge the death of the master following a large map. In this thrilling game, you have to put together the shattered pieces of the sword to slay down the devious monster. The gaming interface of Swordigo presents a magnificent combination of brainstorming actions as well as adventures.

Best Android Games 50MB

In the adventurous realm of Swordigo, you would find towns, treasures, dungeons, and evil monsters. To defeat the enemies, you can apply magical spells, weapons, and other provided items. You can also dig out powerful swords hidden as treasures inside the caves and dungeons. Swordigo is enriched with mobile-friendly touch controls that would facilitate you in running, jumping, and smashing virtually in the vast 3D world.



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