BCB expecting to host West Indies in January

Bangladesh Cricket Board official said on Thursday that they are expecting to host West India in January. Though Coronavirus situation is yet to stabilise in the country, BCB is trying to resume cricket with the three-team 50-over tournament from October 11, naming it the BCB President Cup, reports agencies.

Following the 50-over tournament they will host a yet to be named domestic T20 tournament and if they can successfully host these tournaments they are confident of bringing back international cricket at home, that will return through the home series against West Indies in January, who are scheduled to play three Tests and as many ODIs along with two T20I’s.

“Till now the FTP is in line with the commitment, we are talking to them. They asked for some information to us and we gave it to them. Another thing our honorable president has said before, that we are trying to get into cricket slowly,” said BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury on media.

“The steps we are taking are on that basis. At first wee primarily make personal practice available for our cricketers. Then we have arranged team practice, a few practice matches have already been arranged also.

Although it has been done in a very limited size. We are moving step by step.

“As part, we are hosting the three-match ODI tournament and named it as BCB President Cup. We have a plan to host another tournament soon after the BCB Presidency Cup, which you have already informed from the board. Then, we are planning to host other tournaments and international series that we are going to host,” he said.

“This is definitely a message. It is not just the players who will be benefited when the game starts. You, we, the clubs, different levels of stakeholders are involved. So this is a complete message that we are trying to get into cricket back on track. And if we success, it will be good for everyone,” he said.

“Initiatives have already been taken. We have talked to the club officials and outside of this we are keeping communication with CCDM. If the situation is favorable, we will also try to bring back club cricket as soon as possible,” he added.


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