Jabbar releases commemorative stamps on Agartala case

DHAKA, Jan 6, 2021 (BSS) – The Postal Department has issued commemorative stamps on the occasion of the Agartala conspiracy case.

A commemorative stamp worth Taka 10, an opening envelope worth Taka 10, a data card worth Taka five and a special seal were issued in this regard.

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mustafa Jabbar, unveiled the commemorative stamp and opening envelope today and released the data card. The minister used a seal in this regard, said a press release.

In the statement, on the occasion of the Agartala conspiracy case, the minister highlighted the historic role of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in his 24-year struggle to establish a non-communal and independent state for the Bengalis.

He said the full name of the case filed on January 3, 1968, that year was ‘Rashtra v. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Gong case’. The then government of Pakistan had filed the case accusing 35 people including Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. But it is better known as the Agartala conspiracy case. The case mentioned that the alleged conspiracy started in Agartala, the capital of the Indian state of Tripura.

Jabbar said that the general public became rebellious against the Agartala conspiracy case. In the face of strong mass movement, Ayub Khan’s government was forced to withdraw the Agartala conspiracy case.

As a result of the mass movement of 1969, the head of government Ayub Khan was forced to hold roundtable meetings with political parties all over Pakistan. The statement said that Ayub Khan was forced to withdraw the Agartala conspiracy case on February 22, 1969 and release all the accused including Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he added.

He said General Ayub Khan, the ruler of Pakistan, fell in January. This case has turned into a mass movement, which was one of the major events behind the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Commemorative stamps, opening envelopes and data cards can be collected from the Philatelic Bureau of Dhaka GPO from other GPOs and major post offices in the country.



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