BNP wants to hold rallies without permission for resorting to vandalism Hasan

DHAKA, Dec 03, 2020 (BSS)- Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today said BNP wants to hold rally without permission from the concerned authority for instigating terrorist activities.

Besides, the people, who are giving speeches against sculpture, have political affiliation with one or another party, he said, addressing a function at the Awami League political office in city’s Dhanmondi.

Relief and Social Welfare sub-committee of AL organized the programme of distribution of masks and other materials to Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ).

Hasan said Awami League didn’t hold many rallies as the party didn’t get permission when BNP was in power. “For this, we staged protests on the streets. There is a rule of taking permission from Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) for holding meetings or rallies. And when the DMP reminded it, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir was talking about it,” he added.

Actually, the minister said, BNP has been holding rallies for last few days without taking permission. “And, we saw that their motive is to vandalize vehicles from rallies. But it is difficult to do that with permission,” said Hasan, also AL joint general secretary.

He said Awami League sought permission to hold rally against terrorism on August 21 at Muktagaon. But, they didn’t give approval as there were no buildings around Muktagaon and there was no scope of throwing bombs from buildings, he added.

He said permission was given to hold rally at Bangabandhu Avenue instead of Muktagaon as there had scope to hurl bombs from buildings surrounding the venue.

About sculpture issue, the minister said ill attempts are being made to create a controversy over sculptures in the country.

The minister said the official language of the subcontinent was Persian before capturing power by Britain. They started English language at the beginning of their rule and the official language was English, he added.

At that time many people like those who are now talking about sculpture, were against English education and declared fatwoa that English education will be haram and many Muslims didn’t take lesson of English for many years. For this, the Muslims of the subcontinent were behind, he added.

Even, he said, when television was introduced, many people said that it was haram to watch TV.

The minister said a fotwoa was given during the War of Liberation describing as kafer those who were fighting against Pakistan. In continuation to this, their descendants are questioning and spreading confusion about the sculpture, said Hasan.

Citing the example of Saudi Arabia, the information minister said, there are sculptures of horses, camels and even peoples in various cities.

There are sculptures in the whole world, even in the Islamic countries, he said adding that in Iran where Islamic government was established through Islamic revolution has the sculpture of Ayatollah Khomeini.

He said there are sculptures of many leaders, poets and others in the country. But, none could raise question about this, he said, adding sudden introduction of these questions is politically motivated as those who are raising these questions have affiliation with some political parties and they are leaders of different parties.

Even, their parties are registered in the Election Commission, he said. So, when they give speeches, they are politically motivated, he added.

Hasan said Islam is a religion of peace and urged all not to create confusion.

The information minister said the people who patron the anti-liberation forces and do politics with them, are behind the scene. “For this, we should remain alert against them,” he added.

Thanking Awami League Australia and Sydney units to provide 50,000 masks to AL relief sub-committee for distributing among common people, the minister said about 600 AL activists, cabinet members, lawmakers and leaders of the central committee died due to COVID-19 as they were beside the people. Many AL leaders have been affected with Coronavirus, he added.

But, he said, Awami League will be beside the countrymen in future like present and the past.

AL Relief and Social Welfare sub-committee secretary Sujit Roy Nandi presided over the programme while AL Australia unit general secretary Gausul Azam Shahjada and Sydney unit general secretary Faisal Azad, DUJ president Kuddus Affrad and BFUJ general secretary Abdul Majid, among others, addressed it.

Later, the minister handed over the masks and other materials to BFUJ and DUJ.


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