10 AI-powered prototypes to go for commercial run soon

DHAKA, Jan 26, 2021 (BSS) – The 10 Artificial Intelligence-powered
prototypes, developed by the country’s private sector companies in
collaboration with the government, will go for commercial run soon.

Leveraging ICT Project of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under ICT
Division provided various supports including using BCC’s AI lab 2 Center of
Excellence (CoE) and engaging eGL-ISS faculty of National University of
Singapore (NUS) for mentoring the development of 10 prototypes, official
sources said.

All 10 prototypes including safe drive app to reduce accidents, Queue Pro
for mask detection technology in ticketing kiosk, easy.jobs for automatic
scoring of job seekers, sbiCloud for identifying the best product/asset for
the Ultra Poor People and predicting good/ bad loan based on the deposited
installment are at piloting stage and waiting for commercial run soon, they

The prototypes are: DriveSafe by Zantrik, easy.jobs by A.R. Com, QuePro by
Business Automation Limited, Recruit Gene by Leads Corporation, Work care by
CPSD, sbiCloud by BRAC IT Services Limited, KONA Digital Financial Services
by Kona Software Limited, Disinformation and Brand Reputation on Social Media
by Intelligence Machine, Technohaven e-Flow by Technohaven Company Limited
and Khaodao by Graaho Software.

“The government is encouraging the private sector to come up with frontier
technology-based innovations which are beneficial for the people,” said
Executive Director of BCC Parthapratim Deb.

He said the ten AI-powered prototypes developed by the 10 companies are the
outcome of government’s sincere efforts to build innovation echo system and
startups through providing supports and cooperation to the private sector.

“We hope the ten prototypes will benefit people as all those are very
useful in our everyday life,” Deb said.

LICT Project Director Md. Rezaul Karim said the government engages the
eGL-ISS faculty of NSU to produce AI-powered quality innovative solutions on
ten issues. The SafeDrive app, one of the much-expected prototypes will help
reduce accidents on roads, he added.

Policy Adviser of LICT Project Sami Ahmed said Bangladesh has already
started journey towards utilizing technologies of fourth industrial
revolution with a view to contributing to digital economy.

“We cannot sit idle at a time when fourth industrial revolution is
evolving at an exponential rather than linear pace,” he added.

According to report titled: ‘Prototype Development Program using
Artificial Intelligence for Capacity Development of Local IT/ITES Companies’
prepared by LICT, piloting of the 10 prototypes are going on and the
companies are expected to go for commercial run of the prototypes after
successfully end of the piloting.

The report said the SafeDrive App will reduce accidents by implementing a
real time driving monitoring and guidance system using AI and detecting
sleepiness and dizziness of drivers while easy.jobs will score for the
jobseekers automatically.

Queue Pro is an effective and systematic que management system designed to
ensure disciplined and guided customer experience and there is a mask
detection technology in ticketing kiosk, the report said adding the Recruit
Gene App is an AI-based solution that assist to automating the hiring process
to make it faster, less expensive, and easier to manage higher volume of



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