Human Chain of the Global Law Thinkers Society On the memory of martyred intellectuals

In memory of the martyred intellectuals, The Global Law Thinkers Society, an internationally renowned humanitarian organization, conducted a peaceful human chain titled “December 14: Black History” under the theme “Proud Bangladeshi: Great Leadership Movement” in front of the National Press Club.

The notable demands made by the leaders of the Global Law Thinkers Society  through the chain are as follows:

  1. Pakistan must apologize unconditionally for the inhumane and heinous acts committed by their troops in 1971.
  2. Should pay the appropriate compensation for the irreparable losses they did.

Adv. Raoman Smita, President of the Global Law Thinkers Society, stated the objectives of their human chain,

  1. Bangladeshi youth know about the black history of 14th December that how Pakistani forces and their local collaborators— Shanti committee, (Razakars, (Al-Badr and (Al-Shams— abducted and killed front-line Bengali intellectuals and professionals in order to cripple the new nation intellectually.
  2. Introduce the history of the great leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Positive Bangladesh throughout the world.
  3. Establish Peace through Resilient and Compassionate Leadership.
  4. Build unity and promise to build a better world.
  5. Nurture patriotism in the heart of all Bangladeshis around the globe.

She also said about the Global Law Thinkers Society and “Proud Bangladeshi movement” which is going to be held on 16th December.

In the Human chain, Ahsanul Alam, Vice President of the organization, said, “we have lost not only some intellectuals but also some powerful peoples in different sectors who were really able to change the condition of Bangladesh”.

Solaiman Ahmed Jisan, Joint Secretary of the Organization, expressed his condolences to the families of the martyred intellectuals and advised the youth to work for the country by transforming the spirit of the liberation war and the pain of losing intellectuals into strength.

“killing of intellectuals, this irreparable damage is done to this country by Pakistan can not be fulfilled in decades even by any compensation!”–said Advocate Jasmine Akter, Organizing Secretary of the Global Law Thinkers Society.

On behalf of the GLTS-Bangladesh Chapter, the Administration Leader Meskat Jahan Orna and the General Secretary Leader Abu Zafor Ahmed also spoke in unison with the President. In their speeches, they argued in support of their claim and pointed out the irreparable damages caused by the heinous acts of the Pakistani troops. By this Human Chain, Both called upon all the youth of the country to preserve the history of the country and retain the qualities of the great leaders of the country.

Members of Global Law Thinkers Society from different Districts like Dhaka, Chattagram, Mymensingh, Narayanganj and students from Dhaka International University, State University of Bangladesh, Central Govt. College, Dhaka and so many were also joined in the Human Chain to make the demands stronger and more successful and significant.

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