Yoga in the time of COVID-19

In the modern world where we inhale polluted air, ingest preservative loaded food, toxic media messages and competitive consumer lifestyles, the novel coronavirus has forced us to slow down and rethink our choices. Now more than ever people are realising the need to find a sustainable balance to nurture health and happiness. In this scenario, many people are turning to yoga.

Yoga practice, which includes physical exercise (asanas), mental relaxation (meditation) and breathwork (pranayama) and has many proven benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga can help people heal from injuries and illnesses. It is recommended by doctors as the best way to relieve stress, calm the nerves, increase strength, stamina, flexibility and circulation and boost immunity. Yoga is known to reduce diabetes, heart disease, backaches and depression. Especially now, when people are unable to go to the gym or the park for exercise, yoga at home seems to be the best option.

Shazia Omar, a yoga practitioner in Bangladesh says, “COVID-19 attacks the respiratory tract, making it difficult to breathe. The virus can travel down to the lungs, making it even harder to maintain your breath. Those who have battled COVID-19 and survived, say the best thing you can do to prepare yourself (apart from social distancing and proper hygiene,) is practice breathing techniques to boost your immunity and cleanse your respiratory system.”


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