Children getting infected with new strain of coronavirus in Bangladesh – National –

New variant of coronavirus has emerged in different countries of the world including Bangladesh, creating alarm among experts.

Scientists have cautioned that the new variants that appear in the United Kingdom and other European countries appear to be more contagious and dreadful.

According to the experts, this variant is causing concern because it is mostly infecting children.

Doctors say that people are going to their village homes during the winter where they don’t wear masks, follow health guidelines, or maintain social distance. Apart from adults, children are also being infected because of these reasons.

The statistics of the Directorate of Health show that 34 children, aged from 0 to 10 years, and 57 children, aged from 11 to 20 years have died from Covid-19 in Bangladesh so far.

The first ‘Paediatric Corona Unit’ was opened at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) for the treatment of coronavirus-infected childre. A total of 24 corona infected children are now undergoing treatment there.

Dr Sayeeda Anwar, Head of the Paediatric Department at the DMCH, said the rate of coronavirus infection among children was very low at the beginning. But, the rate of infection has gone up significantly later on. Initially, children used to stay at home, and parents also didn’t go outside their homes. But, children are now being infected.

She said children would not be given any vaccine for this new strain, and people below 18-year-old would also not be vaccinated.

Dr Sayeeda Anwar also said when children get admitted to the DMCH with cancer and kidney ailments, they are often tested Covid-19 positive. The mortality rate  among the children with cancer is usually very high. But, when they are infected with coronavirus, they also lose immunity, which affect the treatment of cancer.


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