Tiktok Hero Arfin Xunayed dreams come true | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Here is our blue eyed tiktok hero with his passionate smile. He is none other than Arfin Xunayed. Mesmerizing the community with his attractive appearan-ce… There is a difference between when you push and when you are standing in your power … This blue eyed hero explains the passion for his work and the success of the 11k views of his past videos … Born and raised in Saudi Arabia Mecca … his date of birth is 19th of September… Has an elder brother and a kid brother and a lovely sister … Educated from Mecca University still single … Busy with his career development and interested in media appearance. Actor Arfin Xunayed has been working in the media world since 2015. It started with a short film. Then he caught the eye of the producers in a short time. In 2016, he acted in a play called ‘It’s My Life’ for YouTube. Then he did not have to stay behind. The play is directed by Tapu Khan.
Xunayed came on the TV screen holding the hand of the producer of the first play. After that he acted in about 10 plays at different times. He is quite vocal in drama as well as modeling. Working on several fashion photoshoots.
 Xunayed said, “Although I started working in media with YouTube, my target is the big screen. And I am preparing myself for that goal. He is currently spending time with several dramas and fashion photoshoots. “I know it’s very difficult to get yourself on the big screen now,” he said. But I do not want to give up. I will try my best, the rest depends on luck. This time Xunayed is going to act in a new play. He will act in Sajib Chishti’s play ‘Sori Mirabai’. Give it a headline. Model, actress Shimu Khan Shelley will play the role of Meera in the young play. Another important character will be played by the model of the time, Arfin Xunayed.

The story of the play revolves around the biography of a dancer. The playwright and producer Sajib did not want to say more than that. Xunayed is going to work for the first time in the production of Tiger Express. Both the producer and the producer are optimistic about Xunayed.


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