Tasnuva’s gratitude to directors | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular actress of present generation is Tasnuva Tisha. She is that actress who never refused to say gratefulness to them by whom she came into present position in media. There are some actors who did not want to remember pros and cons of experiences in their previous times. But Tasnuva Tisha is exceptional from them.
Tasnuva Tisha started her acting career to play role of friend of heroine in Mostafa Kamal Raz directed drama ‘Lal Kham Bonam Nil Kham’. She confesses that role easily. Later, she got appreciation to act in many dramas. For this reason, she paid gratitude to the directors of her acted works. She has keen interest to work in movie.
While talking about these two matters Tasnuva Tisha said, “To come into my present position in media, there is a lot of contribution of directors, my colleagues, fans who gave me love and inspiration to work. Specially, I am grateful to media family because sometimes I was detached from acting. When I came back to work media accepted me positively. I am particularly grateful to two directors – Tauquir Ahmed Bhai and Shihab Shahin Bhai who helped me to develop my acting skill. They guided me nicely. Right now I have keen interest to act in good story based movie.”


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