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Popular small screen Tareen has immense popularity among all audiences. Currently, Tareen is very irregular on the television. She is seen on the occasion of a special day or in a drama-telefilm with a special story. She also recently shot a telefilm with a difference. Its name is ‘Mohamaya’.
The telefilm will aired on Maasranga Television today Written and directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul, the film also stars Shyamal Mawla, Shamima Tusti and others. The director said that in the story of this telefilm, the younger brother Deep is studying from the hostel. And sister Tareen lives with her husband in her father’s big house. After the death of the father, a kind of conflict between the two brothers and sisters continued. Tareen doesn’t want to let Deep stay at home in any way.
Deep thinks that his sister is doing this to occupy the property. He thinks that’s why his father was killed. With this, the conflict between the two brothers and sisters gradually increased. Deep repeatedly pressured his sister to give him the house’s documents. But the sister told him to go abroad. Deep does not agree. At one stage, he even tried to strangle his sister. We have to see ‘Mohamaya’ to see what happens in the end.


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