Shibli tests positive for Covid-19 | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Renowned lyricist, poet and writer Latiful Islam Shibli, known for his many iconic song lyrics including popular tracks of rock legends Ayub Bachchu and James, has tested positive for COVID-19.
The songwriter has shared this news himself from his verified Facebook profile on Sunday night. “Everything is useless when the command of Allah and the decision of destiny do not favor a person – no matter how one keeps doing exercise or maintain a fit body. I have been tested positive for COVID-19. Alhamdulillah, I’m fine so far, just a slight fever and cough, and currently in isolation. Keep me in prayers,” Shibli wrote on his post.
Known as one of the most prominent lyricists of rock music in Bangladesh from the ’90s, Shibli has penned many iconic and superhit songs including “Hashte Dekho Gaite Dekho”, “Keu Shukhi Noy”, “Koshto” (Ayub Bachchu); “Jail Theke Bolchhi”, “Priyo Akashi”, “Mannan Miyar Titash Molom”, “Natore Station” (James), “Tumi Amar Prothom Shokal” (Shakila Zafar and Tapan Chowdhury), “Hajar Borsha Raat” (Souls) and more. As a novelist, Shibli has penned three bestseller novels ‘Darvish’ (2017), ‘Dokhol’ (2018) and ‘Asman’ (2019). He has also been known as a model and acted in television drama and advertisements. As a dramatist, Shibli wrote popular drama for television including Rajkumari, Highway to Heaven, The Good Citizen, Nuru Mia the painter and more. He also acted in the drama Rajkumari, as one of its main characters Mirza Galeeb.


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