Sheikh Sadi: From lyricist to singer | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

During childhood Lolona famed singer Sheikh Sadi had fascination about writing songs. But he cannot remember say the number of songs. When he wrote lyric of the song Lolona getting advice from his friend Tanvir Sadi decided to compose tune of the song and later he himself rendered the song. It was subscribes by 1 lakh viewers and it was later released by CMV. Now its present view is about 8 crores. Then in Sadi’s voice, Konnya, Beporowa, Tumi Koi, Lolona-2, Mon, etc songs were released.
According to Sadi, all the songs fulfilled its target audience. Recently, on his own YouTube channel, a new song titled Swapner Khoj was released. Jhilam Gupta wrote lyric of the song also composed its tune. Alvi Al Beruni has arranged its music. Already three viewers enjoyed the song.
While sharing his feelings about his new song Sadi said, “Basically I render song to target students of colleges and universities. They are enjoying my new song and it is my great achievement. I want to present quality songs in future. My new songs will be released soon.”
Sadi is staying in Tongi, Gazipur but his hometown is Madaripur. His birthday is December 3. He informed that within soon he will be seen in acting.


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