Rinty busy with hosting, music | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular face in program hosting of present time is Sama Mehjabin Rinty. There is no television channel where Rinty didn’t hosting TV shows. Within eight years of her journey, Rinty has become a popular TV host. Basically Mehjabin Rinty is a singer but she came into hosting suddenly. She had three songs in Hridoy Khan Mixed-2 album. These songs were: ‘Moner Gobhire’, ‘Mawla’ and ‘Bhalobasa’.
In 2011, while performing in a phono-live studio concert on RTV, Rinty got offer to host program. As a result, she started hosting on RTV in 2012. At first, she hosted RTV’s live show Airtel Youngster. She got appreciation to host the show. As a result, she had to host Eid special seven episodes of the show. This gave her inspiration to host TV show for longer time. According to Rinty, there is less number of TV channels where she did not host.
As a play-back singer, Mehjabin Rinty she first lent her voice for Tonmoy Tansen’s movie ‘Runout’. She rendered a duet song with Vikings band’s Tonmoy titled ‘Ekbar bolo’. Besides hosting and music, Rinty is also engaged with business. She is selling organic hair oil produced from her own process using essential herbs collecting from some countries of the South Asia. Now she is getting response for Growth Stimulating Organic hair oil.
Rinty is hosting several new shows – on BTV ‘Gaan Chirodin’ and cricket live show ‘Outfit’, discussion and other programs, on RTV quiz show ‘Chase R’, ‘Walton Mobile Music Station’ and celebrity show ‘Probash Binodon’, on GTV ‘Romance & Rhythm’, ‘Cricket Mania’ and ‘Cricket Highlight’, on SA TV world ‘Music show Tune & Count’, on Boishakhi TV game show ‘Lady Winner’, on Bangla TV ‘Promises Jante Chai’, and on Jamuna TV ‘Sokaler Bangladesh’. She tied the nuptial knot with chartered accountant Farhan Aziz Chowhury on December 25 in 2018. 


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