Ridley shares bad side of being in ‘Star Wars’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley has revealed the scary side of fame that came with starring in the global blockbuster franchise. Ridley became popular as Rey in the recent Star Wars trilogy. She shared she had the “best time” working on the films, but admitted the role attracted a lot of unwanted attention.
“Star Wars’ was ‘This Thing’. And then it was ‘This Thing That Came To An End’. It hasn’t always been easy,” she said. “There are things (about being in ‘Star Wars’) I don’t like talking about because it’s not the good side. People turn up at your doorstep, that’s scary. And I’ve been followed, that’s a bit ‘Woah’,” she added.
But in terms of the actual experience, she said: “I had the best time. And now I’m out of it, I feel like I want to work really hard and honor the decision of the people that cast me.” She feels that she will always wonder why she was chosen for the role. She said: “I just think there will always be a question, why was it me? That will always be there. Why me?'”


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