Mimi to play

One of the fighters of the anti-British movement and the first revolutionary woman martyrPritilataWaddedar.Two films are being made about her, one of which is being produced by young director Rashid Palash. The shooting of the movie titled ‘Pritilata’ is starting from November 1. Pori Moni, a popular actress of Dhaka cinema, is playing the central character of the movie.This time, it was learned that popular actress and director Afsana Mimi is going to play the role of ‘Leela Nag’ in the movie. The director of the movie Rashid Palash confirmed this information.
Rashid Palash said, “We were looking for someone for the role of ‘Leela Nag’ in the movie, with whom the character goes 100%. Then the name Afsana Mimi came to our mind. Recently, we sat down with her. She has orally given dates to work on the movie. This week or next week, we will take care of the rest of the paperwork.”
PritilataWaddedar took training as a revolutionary in a women’s branch called ‘DipaliSangha’ of Sreesangha in Dhaka. Led by Leela Nag (Leela Roy after marriage), the organization worked to promote women’s education. They also secretly worked to include girls in revolutionary organizations. ‘Pritilata’ was introduced to Leela Roy through Eden College teacher Nilimadi. Inspired by them, ‘Pritilata’ joined the DipaliSangha and received training in lathikhela, chorakhela etc.The film has initial plans to shoot in Dhaka, Chittagong and Kolkata in November.


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