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Mehazabien more cautious for COVID -19


Popular small screen actress Mehazabien Chowdhury has maintained her position on the small screen for the last few years. The actress also acted in several dramas on Eid in the ensuing corona epidemic.

She has already returned to work after the Eid break. Recently, she finished shooting for a new drama titled ‘Abar Bhalobasar Sadh Jaage’. Mehazabien has acted in it directed by Tuhin Hossain opposite Afran Nisho.

However, the actress is working with extra caution due to Corona even after returning to work. Some fear is swirling around in her mind. Mehazabien said, “I did not want to return to work immediately after Eid. I wanted to take a little more time.

Due to which I did not start working for some time. However, I have come out of the break and started shooting again. Even after returning, I am working with caution due to corona. I will work selectively for now. The story of this new drama is beautiful that is why I acted in it.”

How did you get the response from the drama broadcast on Eid? In this context, the actress said, “This time I have received more response from everyone for the play ‘Nirbashon’. Here are the real life stories of two ordinary people. But apart from this, I have also received good response for a couple of other dramas including ‘EkaiEksho’, ‘Keno’ and ‘Pranpriyo’.

What is your comment on the story and quality of the drama at this time? In reply, Mehazabien said, “Looking at the dramas of last Eid, it is clear that a change is coming. This change will not be possible in one day. But I think everyone involved in drama wants to do better. In the meanwhile bad drama is happening and will happen because now the number of drama productions is more than before.”

The small screen actress also spoke about the situation in corona. Her comment, “We can’t stay home long. We have to go back to work. But first of all you have to maintain your security. I am also trying that.”


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