‘Justice League Snyder Cut’ gets new title | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Zack Snyder with DC and HBO Max appeared as angels one fine day last year and said the most sought after words, ‘JL Snyder Cut id happening’. While the shenanigans around it dominated mainstream media aver 2020, the latest update is here to receive some mixed response. Turns out, HBO (who now have to bigger share of the cake) have decided to rename the project and replace Snyder Cut with Director’s Cut in the title.
Back when the original Justice League was being made, Zack Snyder who was initially directing the project had to step down due to a personal tragedy. His loss was Joss Whedon’s gain, who took the director’s seat. Turned out, the changed project did not impress the fans who started a moment to make the studio release the Zack version of the film. HBO then announced a whole series of the version to release in 2021.
Now turns out that the banner has decided to rename their project. Actually HBO released a promo of a compilation of their upcoming titles. The move was to make fans aware about what they are up for in 2021. The slate that featured numerous other shows all of us have been waiting for also mention JL. But the name this time around was Justice League: Director’s Cut. Witter right now is full with reactions to this decision.
While many seem unaffected by the fact that Justice League: Director’s Cut is the new name, a lot of them are finding it difficult to make peace with the fact. We would want to see what Zack Snyder has to say about the same. The filmmaker is quite vocal about his film on social media. Not with words, but he keeps sharing pictures, sometime a treat, all time cryptic.


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