Journey of ‘Opal Fashion Wear’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Rubaya Zahir, the founder & CEO of ‘Opal Fashion Wear’ completed her MBA from the prestigious University of Dhaka. She has been an entrepreneur for the last 8 years. She started her business Opal Fashion Wear’ in 2012 but it was launched officially through a Facebook page in February 2013.
Rubaya says, ‘It was not easy at all in the beginning. There were tons of difficulties because of female entrepreneurship. There also was a lack of capital, lack of business knowledge. We have a shop on the 2nd floor of Jamuna Future Park. Presently we are operating from online platforms along with our physical store with 12 office workers and 10 factory operatives. ‘

‘Finding the right workers, capable people are very time-consuming which has given us much trouble. We started only with the jewelry for ladies but now we are working with shoes, belts, sunglasses, etc. Our modest lifestyle fashion segment also received a great response for unique designs of Hijabs, Abaya, Burqa.’ She added. About her vision, she shared, ‘Here in Opal our keynote is to provide the latest & changing fashion trends at the most affordable price to our customers.
Now we are planning to work with people of different taste and different stages of society which needs a large amount of financial investment & time. We are trying to build Opal Fashion Wear as such a trusted brand which will be a one-stop fashion solution for females. So we are dreaming to make Opal recognized both locally and internationally which will be the number one stop for our female customers for any kind of fashion staff.’


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