DC sets ‘Super Sons’ digital series | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

In a move to continue its digital offerings, DC has announced ‘Challenge of the Super Sons’, a new digital series teaming Jon Kent and Damian Wayne for a new weekly mini-series launching this December.According to The Hollywood Reporter, although Superboy is currently in the 31st century as part of the ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ series, and Damian’s status as Robin seems very much in doubt as a result of recent events in the ‘Teen Titans’ and ‘Detective Comic’s titles, ‘Challenge’ manages to sidestep both problems by being set in the past – specifically the immediate aftermath of the previous outing for the Super Sons, 2018’s ‘Adventures of the Super Sons’.Like that previous series, ‘
Challenge’ will be written by Peter J Tomasi, with Max Raynor on art, assisted by Jorge Corona and Evan Stanley.In the new 14-part series, Damian and Jon have to deal with the fact that the ‘Justice League’ are marked for death, literally; their names appear on the Doom Scroll, a mystical artefact that threatens certain death for anyone whose name is written upon it. To make matters more complicated, even if the Super-kids can save their parents, no one can know they were responsible.’Challenge’ follows similar digital-only launches from DC including ‘Injustice Year Zero’, ‘DCeased’: ‘Hope at World’s End’ and anthologies such as ‘Represent!’


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