Barish ready to act in movie | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Barish Haque got an offer to act in a movie in 2017 when she came to Bangladesh from Malaysia where she completed Masters. During that time she was not prepared for acting in movie. So, she disagreed to work. For the last three years, she had been preparing herself for acting in movie. According to her, she is now fully ready to work in film. Earlier, she had learned classical dance from Amirul Monir from Bulbul Lalitakala Academy.
Later, she also got training on modern and fusion dances as a part of her preparation for acting in movie. Barish has keen interest for acting in movie. As she is expert in dancing and hosting so, journey of acting in the big screen will become smooth for her, Barish said. While talking in this regard Barish said, “To work in the big screen, I am fully prepared now. After returning country to complete my study, I got offer to work in movie.
But I was not prepared during that time. I fully concentrated to prepare myself for the big screen within 2020. For this reason, I hope I will be seen in the big screen in 2021. If directors and producers feel I am competent for acting in movie, I will work. But I may be not fully fit. I believe before acting if they gave me the scope for grooming I will be surely prepared for acting in movie regarding my character on the screen because dancing and presentation help acting. Rest of parts will be filled up automatically. In fact, I want to present myself in glamorous way in commercial movie.”