Bangladesh Television move to restore shine | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

The only state owned state television channel in Bangladesh is Bangladesh Television (BTV). The channel has captivated viewers since its inception. Then came many new channels, even then, BTV is on its way by overcoming various ups and downs or obstacles. At present, most of the viewers have turned to private TV channels. In this context, the channel authorities have taken several steps to turn the general audience towards BTV again.
After the present government came to power, attention was paid to the development of BTV. In that continuity, the channel has already been converted from analog to digital. In addition, changes have been made in many areas within the channel.
As such the central system has been digitized. New studiosare being set up there. Now viewers can watch BTV all over the world. The channel started using BS1 satellite.  Before there was no live show, now it is happening regularly. In addition to a museum, a computer lab and a modern training hall have been set up. With these, the long closed auditions have been resumed.
The audition of the actors has already been completed. Auditions for song artistes are now in the final stages. Experienced and veteran artistes who turned their backs on BTV have once again turned to BTV. The channel has recently started producing four long drama series with popular directors and artists. Besides, for the first time,      two short films have also been made with the funding of the channel.