Bagh Bondi Shingho Bondi’s 1st episode ‘Jatri’ launched | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Binge is set to launch the five-episode anthology series, ‘Bagh Bondi Shingho Bondi’, in each episode, storytellers share an anecdote from diverse experiences that people have faced during the time of coronavirus pandemic which will be streaming on the most popular digital entertainment platform from Thursday (October 1).  
The first episode of the series is ‘Jatri’ which is based on the story of a coronavirus infected patient being socially detached by showing a harsh mentality. The drama is produced by veteran director Giasuddin Selim.
The story unfolds with a security guard named ‘Moti’ aged 60 is the most likable person in the apartment and does everything with a smile but when he is infected with the coronavirus disease, everyone turns away from him. The apartment authority has decided to send Moti to the hospital.
However, the ambulance driver Hasan who took Moti to the hospital felt pity for him. He kept Moti in his mess, got him tested for coronavirus and tried to get him to the hospital. But Moti died within three days. Hasan also took care of Moti’s burial shroud alone.
He even handed over his three-day income to Moti’s wife.Chanchal Chowdhury, a popular actor of the time, played the lead role of security guard ‘Moti’ in the short film. Shyamal Mawla, Ramisha Neela, Ahsanul Haque Minu and others have also acted.  
Among the other four short films in the series, ‘AnumeshAich’ produced ‘MukhAsman’ on October 5, director NurulAlamAtik’s ‘Nishiddha Bashar’ on October 9, filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury’s ‘EshoBosheEkshatheKhai’ on October 13 and director Abu ShahedEmon’s ‘Arai Mon Shapno’ will be seen on Binge’s platform from October 17.