Actresses can be friends: Aneesha | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Two actresses, both at the top of their game but the question is, can they be friends? If you just rolled your eyes and thought, no way, here’s something that will catch your attention. American-Indian actor Aneesha Madhok, who will be seen in the Hollywood film, ‘Bully High’, disagrees with this perception. She says that she has always loved extending a hand of friendship to her contemporaries. Aneesha adds, “I disagree with the general perception that two actresses cannot be friends. I am a gen Z artiste and evolved enough to say that we need to support each other, instead of putting other people down for our own self-esteem. That’s toxic! We are still in a patriarchal society, so it is important for women to support other women. If one woman shakes another woman, then we are going backward by many steps instead of progressing forward. There is an abundance of opportunities and resources for everyone. So, if other people are successful, it doesn’t make us less successful. There’s a place for everyone in this world.” In fact, Aneesha has always forged a great bond with the women she has worked with across industries. She says, “I am so happy that I have girlfriends from all over the world, working in their respective film industries from Hollywood, Bollywood to Israeli and Persian cinema. Let’s rise and support each other to make the world a better place.”


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