‘Nothing will bring back our son,’ former NHL star says after arrests in road rage incident


Barry Beck says the arrest of four suspects in connection with his son’s death is not a cause for celebration, but he still sees it as a gift ahead of what would have been Brock’s 21st birthday.

Beck, a former NHL star with the New York Rangers, Colorado Rockies and L.A. Kings, described the 2 a.m. call from detectives telling him about the arrests in a lengthy post on Facebook, saying he felt like a “weight had been lifted from my chest.”

“This is far from over but it’s a step forward in our healing and growth process,” he wrote, sharing a police press release about the arrests.

“Nothing will bring back our son but we can advocate for other murder victims that need support when we have healed and recovered.”

Det. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk announced Thursday that three men are charged with second-degree murder, and two with assault causing bodily harm. A fourth person was arrested just as Bereziuk was updating the media. 

Police say Brock was attacked outside 3063 Binbrook Rd. just before 2 a.m. on July 26.

When emergency crews arrived they found Beck suffering from stab wounds. He was taken to hospital, where he died from his injuries, according to investigators.

A 16-year-old was also hurt but survived.

“This was a chance encounter. This was a road rage incident gone bad,” said Bereziuk. “We are still of that opinion and that was what formed a difficult investigation for us, the fact that there was no link between the accused and Brock Beck and the youth.”

Earlier this week, Brock’s family offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

But Bereziuk said the reward was “of limited impact,” since the police already had the information that led to the arrest.

The family “certainly, I think, feels a sense of relief … They were very, very gracious with us and happy to hear the news,” said the detective. “I hope it’s another step for them in the healing process.”

Det. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk announced Thursday that four people have been arrested in connection with Brock’s death. (Dan Taekema/CBC)

In his post Beck described the months since his son’s death as a “rollercoaster ride of emotions.”

Beck said the family is “elated” by news of the arrest.

“It’s not cause for celebration but it’s a gift to my son who would have been 21 on this Monday Nov. 30. 4 days from now,” he said.

“We refuse to be victims anymore,” said Beck, explaining the people who loved his son are all looking for ways to heal.

He thanked the detectives who investigated the case and everyone who lent the family support since Brock’s death.

“Our prayers have been answered now we will be stronger in the steps to follow,” wrote Beck. “We’ll need to find the courage to move forward and never forget where we came from.”



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