Mick Fleetwood joins TikTok to recreate viral longboard and ‘Dreams’ video


Last month, TikTok user Nathan Apodaca, known on social media as 420doggface208, posted a video of himself riding his longboard and drinking juice, with Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams” as the backing track.

Apodaca uploaded the post, which features him mouthing along to the song and is captioned “morning vibe,” on September 25.

It quickly went viral and now has 21.9 million plays on the video-sharing platform.

Fleetwood then joined TikTok and uploaded his own version of the video on Sunday.

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“420doggface208 had it right,” he wrote in the caption. “Dreams and Cranberry just hits different.”

The singer’s first post on the platform had reached 2.9 million plays at the time of writing.

While Fleetwood has yet to make another post, Apodaca has continued to upload videos of himself dancing, longboarding and sending inspirational messages to viewers.

His post also boosted listener numbers for “Dreams,” according to Billboard.

The track saw US streams and digital download sales spike by 88.7% and 374%, respectively, for three-day period September 25-27, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.



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