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Red Bull Racing Esports and the LM squad clinched the Le Mans Esports titles as the fourth and final segment of the Super Finals concluded.

The Super Finals of the latest LMES season – a joint venture between Motorsport Games, the FIA World Endurance Championship and the ACO – has taken place over four consecutive days ahead of the real-world event this weekend.

After a tightly fought contest between Lazarus Racing and Red Bull Racing Esports over the opening three days of action, the Red Bull squad secured the title in dominant fashion by winning the opening two races of the final.

LM Squad’s Gary Mitchell also produced a dominant showing by winning the final three races to seal the title in the Pro-Am.

Race 1 – Le Mans Modern

With just three teams remaining in both the Pro and Pro-Am classes, each team had three cars on the grid.

Red Bull Racing Esports continued to showcase their dominant form with Robin Betka still unbeatable, taking the first chequered flag of the day. Red Bull also held off Lazarus for a 1-2 finish, who finished third, fourth and eighth. The third Red Bull entry was seventh with Williams at the bottom with no car placing higher than fifth.

Pro-Am was much more equal as all three teams managed to get a car on the podium with the LM Squad’s Mitchell winning against the Hotlappers and Hairpin Heroes.

Race 2 – Spa-Francorchamps

The second sprint race took the LMES Super Finals to Spa for 30 laps of action. The story was similar to Race 1 with Betka again victorious and Red Bull again finishing 1-2. Their third entry was not far behind in fourth.

Lazarus claimed the final spot on the podium, as well as fifth and sixth place in the running. Williams again found themselves falling behind the other two teams, filling out the final three spots in the running order and scoring minimal points. Two of their cars recorded DNFs and failed to reach the finish.

The Pro-Am story wasn’t much different with Mitchell able to deliver the LM Squad their second win of the day ahead of the Hotlappers and Hairpin Heroes.

Race 3 – Le Mans Modern

The finale was, fittingly, at Le Mans for a 30-lap endurance race.

The battle at the front was intense. While Red Bull hoped to cap off their title run with a complete sweep of Segment 4, Williams Esports had other ideas. Kuba Brzezinski took on two Red Bulls at once and after a fierce back-and-forth, he emerged with the lead.

It would be the race win for Williams, but the championship crown for Red Bull as they cruised across the finish line with a double podium result. Lazarus’ top car placed fourth, which was enough to hang on to second in the standings.

The final standings ultimately saw Red Bull with 163 points, Lazarus with 100 points, and Williams third with 88 points after four days and 16 hours of racing.

Mitchell did complete the sweep however, claiming all three race wins Friday for the LM Squad on their way to the Pro-Am championship.

The LM Squad ended the segment with 147 points while the Hotlappers claimed second with 100 points, and the Hairpin Heroes third with 97 points.

Motorsport Games is the trusted partner of choice for motorsports rights holders having delivered the 24 Hour of Le Mans Virtual, eNASCAR Heat Pro League and the Formula E Race At Home Challenge in recent months.



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