International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

David Phurtskhvanidze,Chief of special information analytic agency “Anticrisis Center of Security Problems”. Agency working on general public-political issues, studies global treats (including ecologies) and developing measures to avoid them, working on conceptual issues for providing global security. Agency mainly focusing his activity for Caucasus and post Soviet Union countries, Eastern Europe countries.D.Phurtskhvanidze – author of whole range of projects for social and political area. Permanently release articles in print and electronic mass media of Caucasus, Ukraine and Russia.

Mr. David Phurtskhvanidze

He is Member of Journalist Union of Russia and Member of International Federation of Journalists. Recently Mr. David Phurtskhvanidze is international advisory Board Members of ENA. Please contact email id : [email protected]

DR. Andrew

Dr. Andrew K. Grigoriev has over 25 years of experience in the telecom and media business. For many years Dr. Andrew K. Grigoriev represented Russian news agency TASS in Intelsat – largest international satellite communication organization – devoting his activity to developing up-to-date global network for gathering and broadcasting information.

Recently he is a Member Board of many telecom, media and business enterprises over the world, including UK holding Avakum Alliance LP focusing on various commercial and humanitarian projects in Asia. Dr. Andrew K. Grigoriev will bring to ENA his experience of creation high effective data transport network.Please contact email id : [email protected]